Our Story



Growing up with his father in the trucking industry, Brandon Wright, owner, grew a love for trucks and everything about them. He also found great respect for the industry and the people in it, especially hard working men and women that spend countless hours on the road away from their families.


A quality product for each customer is what Roll On Customs strives to deliver and proud that each cover and accessory is American made! "I hope to expand on this concept and continue making and offering other ROCSOLID high quality accessories for trucks!" - said Wright.  Brandon and wife, Amy, live in Tulare, California with their two children.


“With my father owning and operating his own truck my family and I would buy him accessories for his truck as gifts. It didn’t take long for me to see that the quality in a lot of these accessory parts was lacking. I am a very quality over quantity type of person. So with that outlook on things my wheels started turning. So I developed and patented a solid aluminum thread on lug nut cover. Along with our designs being solid aluminum, we are able to offer the consumer a variety of customizable options, from powder coating to engraving the possibilities are endless so our customers can have a one of a kind accessory and experience. Along with the customizable options a key part of my design was on safety and theft prevention. Our covers only thread on and have a patented O ring design that secures the cover to the wheel. Using a strap wrench to secure the cover onto the lug it makes the cover secure and theft resistant.”  - Brandon Wright