PDI Big Boss Performance Tuner

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PDI’s BIG BOSS® Performance Tuner [HD] brings all the benefits of tuning without all the hassle. Simply plug it into your diagnostics port and follow the simple instructions to have the results of tuning with the press of a button.

PDI has taken the industry-leading tuning that has delivered unbeatable results for fuel efficiency and power and packaged it within a simple hand-held design. Not only is the tuning easy to install but the simple design lets you customize gauges, change vehicle settings and read or clear codes. Tuning has always been the simplest and most efficient way to access the fuel economy and horsepower that you deserve! Because every driver’s situation is different, the Performance Tuner offers different stages of economy & performance to match your driving style, application, and performance upgrades.


  • Industry Leading Horsepower and Torque Increase
  • Striking Gauge and Monitoring Options
  • Diagnostic Fault Code Troubleshooting
  • Speed Limiter Adjustment
  • Tire Size and Gear Ratio Adjustment
  • DPF Manual Regeneration Test**
  • DPF Restriction Test**
  • Fleet Password Lockout for Fleet Managers
  • Available in All 50 States
  • Stay Current with WiFi Updates


734001: 2010-2019 ISB 6.7L, ISC 8.3L, ISL 8.9L, ISX 11.9L, ISM, ISX12, ISX15, X12 & X15

734002: CAT 2006-2010 C7, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15, C15 Acert(BXS) & C16
734003: 1994.5-2005 3126E, 3406E, C7, C9, C15, C15 Acert(BXS), C16
734002 or 734003: 2000-2010 3126E, 3406E, C7, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C15 & C16 with 9 Pin Diagnostic Port

734004: 2003-2007 14.1L with 9 Pin Diag. Port
734004: 1996-2003 Detroit 12.7L with 6 Pin Diagnostic Port
734004: 12.7L Gliders with 9 Pin Diagnostic Port